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Homepage How To

Interested in building out a more robust homepage? Here's how we made ours:

The homepage is broken out into five layers. At the very top sits a Photo Carousel. Below that is an introduction to the site which is typed in a Text Area. Then comes the first 4 Column Layout with four equal sized blocks - each filled with its own Text Area. To break up the page, we have added another Text Area below the first four columns which holds only a horizontal line. Finally, we added another 4 Column Layout with Text Areas to hold the last four blocks. (Note: The icons on this site are not included in the CMS. If you would like icons like the ones on our homepage, please work with your department's graphic design team).

Keep in mind that the first content block added to the page will be the last item listed. In this case, I built the final 4 Column Layout first. Everything that was built after it is stacked on top.

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Homepage Layout Image