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Footer How To

Interested in building out a more robust footer? Here's how we made ours:

The footer is built with a 3 Column Layout filled with Text Areas. It was a fairly simple process. First, you add a 3 Column Layout to the footer area on the Template Settings Menu (the page that is visible when you first open your project). Next, add a Text Area to each column. Inside the text areas, you can add your desired content including text, internal and external links, and images. In our footer, we've added a description and links to the various ways you can stay in contact with our team.

Here we have highlighted the three columns in orange:

Footer How To Image

 Each column holds its own text area:

Footer Layout Image

Note: The icons on this site are not included in the CMS. If you would like icons like the ones in our footer, please work with your department's graphic design team. Also, the gray background in our footer was a CSS change added by our development team.