Accordion Panels

Accordion panels expand and close as the user clicks on the topic. One common use for accordion panels is Frequently Asked Question sections of web sites.

Accordion Panel Example

What are some features of WiscWeb CMS?

Content can be shared throughout a website or a groups of websites (Allows for content to be updated by the owner and added automatically to other areas).

Navigation Manager (Allows the administrator to move and update entire sections of the site without having to manually update the menus).

Automatic Population of Lists (Lists can be populated from other documents on the site, using dates or keywords).

Scheduled publishing, allowing you to publish content at a specific date and time.

Improved site search based upon metadata and keywords.


What are the benefits of WiscWeb CMS?

Easier for people to create, edit, and publish content on a website.

Easy for you to manage who creates, edits and publishes content.

Can reduce the need for training while facilitating more people to publish.

Reduces time-to-publish, allowing you to get content published faster.

Allows for the design of a common and consistent information architecture (e.g., metadata, classification, navigation, search, layout and design).

Facilitates the consistent management of metadata through content template structures. Of the many benefits, this significantly improves site search.

How do I get started?

Finalize your site design and look-and-feel.

Decide what you want each page to look like and how you want your navigation to function.

Complete the Project Discovery document (PDF).

Schedule a Project Discovery Meeting with the WiscWeb Team.

For questions, information or to get started, contact Cathy Riley at 608-265-9680 or