Responsive Web Sites

Responsive Web Sites display content in a format based upon the size of the screen that is viewing the content. This makes them ideal for use on mobile devices of all kinds.

Responsive Standard Template sites in WiscWeb CMS use a shared set of features and content blocks based upon new responsive technologies. This allows the CMS team to easily make content available to all standard template sites quickly and efficiently, rather than having to recreate these features manually, one-by-one in a custom site.

Many of these sites have custom work done to them, but a vast majority of the features in the sites listed below are available to all standard template users. If you see something you like on one of these sites and can't figure out how to implement it, just let us know and we'll be glad to help you out.



 Group/Department  Site    Contact (if  
 Arts on Campus   
 Arts Institute   
 Biomolecular Chemistry  
 Campus Master Plan  
 Career Exploration Center  
 Center for Excellence in  disabilities  
 Center for the First Year Experience SOAR   
 Center for South Asia   
 Coodinated Leadership Initative  
 Cross College Advising  
 First Year Interest Groups  
 Honors and Scholars Program   
 Informed Caring  
 Madison Early Music Festival  
 Morgridge Center  
 Office of Classified Staff  
 Recreational Sports  
 Recreational Sports Intranet  
 Secretary of Faculty   
 UW Survey Center  
 Vice Provost for Teaching and  Learning  
 Waisman Center  
 Zoological Museum